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Monitor your child’s device remotely through our parental control services

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Website design, combined with graphic design, writing, software installation and parental controls means an improved online presence for both profit and non-profit organizations. When a website is designed, there is need to accompany it with graphic design for an enhanced visibility. At Aiwadikat we offer both single services and packages. If a customer decides one day that he wants a service of just website design only, we are able to offer according to his requirement. If he decides that he wants a package of website design, and company registration, the is charged according to his requirements

Host your wordpress site with Aiwadikat.

Have you already designed your website using wordpress content management system, let’s help you host at just 200,000ugx. The fees include purchase of a domain name, one year hosting as well as the whole process of uploading and backing up your site

We have to host your site because you need it to appear on google search results. Aiwadikat understands that the process of designing a website could be costly at times, and some people take the initiative to design their website. With our cloud hosting service, we help you have your website on the cloud very safely

You can monitor the activity of your child’s mobile device through our parental control services. As a company whose focus is also cyber security, we have never forgotten the fact that parents are worried about their children accessing harmful content online.

We configure devices of parents/ guardians/ teachers with devices of children so that they can be able to block harmful apps from the phone, block access to harmful online websites such as ponographic websites. With parental controls responsible adults can regulate screen time for their children. Parental control like those of google enable parents to prevent children from installing unwanted apps as well.

Due to the rise of social media use, we also set parental controls in social media apps like Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter

Graphic design is our priority because we know that every body needs a graphic. Ranging from designs for signpost stickers, curricula vitae, publication designs, tee shirt designs, book covers, fliers, brochures and all that appears in print, we ensure that what we make for you is compelling and has the right design basing on the occassion

We design websites for profit and non-profit organizations ranging from 700,000 Uganda shillings above. The websites are designed basing on the requirements of the customer. We know that each organization has a tradition that it follows and so we endevour to ensure that the website comes out the way the customer would want it. For each website design package, we offer a free custom domain name valid for one year, free hosting valid for one year and a free ssl certificate. The process of designing the website is less than ten days.

Aiwadikat offers services in company registration, particularly registration of Ugandan companies online through the online portal for the Uganda Registration Service Bureau. The company registers companies Limited by shares, companies that are unlimited, single member companies, companies limited by gurantee. Along with the company registration, we also register businesses, offer services in Tin registration

Companies we have registered

Emosons holdings Limited

Biozone Pharmacy Limited

Aziel Farms Limited

MarianHealth Pharmaceuticals Uganda Limited

Riomax Pharmacy Limited

Single Member company

National ID of Single Member
National ID of Nominee Director
National ID of alternate Nominee Director
National ID of Secretary
Registration fees

Limited company

National IDS of Directors
National IDs of other share holders if any
National ID of secretary
Registration fees

Monitoring your child’s activity on the internet is very important
You may need to check on your email activity one of these days

We design safe websites

And protect your organization by setting spam filters, two factor authentications, back ups, strong passwords and a lot more but most importantly hosting your website in a safe place. Flip back to order

Organization digitization goal achieved
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16:19 15 Aug 23
Excellent and affordable website design services. I love the community discounts. Their graphic design service is also good

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14:41 15 Aug 23
Great website designer. I love the services

idiato doreenidiato doreen

14:21 15 Aug 23


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