When we talk about children and phones and tablets and laptops, plus televisions, parents get worried because what comes to their mind is exposure to what is poisonous. The rate at which the internet has released dangerous content is high; with pornographic material being a high concern as well as the LGBTQ which is dangerously harming the world. I know that some individuals may not want to know what I am saying but this is just the fact. The majority of children have been initiated into the LGBTQI through online platforms and the result has never been good; deviation leads to unnecessary anal surgeries in an attempt to revive the child’s system; something that could have been prevented through parental controls.

We have had scenarios where children have been sodomized by adults whom they at one point met online through a dating site or even social media. Let’s not forget about the puppy love that children get exposed to online as well. In this error where there is quite a high number of shameless adults roaming around devouring the future of children, you find that your child starts a relationship with a full-grown 60-year-old man fit to be his grandfather. And what entices the children?  There is just a lot to offer; money, gifts, and plastic love

We shouldn’t forget the high rate at which pornographic material is being produced every day moreover boldly; numerous videos of sex penetrating and taking over the internet day by day. With just one mouse hover, the children can view this content and never stay the same gain

Let’s talk about scenarios where children have been found in murder cases. Children learn violence online and in the end commit murder. This is because the internet publishes content that teaches them step-by-step how to use harmful weapons like knives and guns.

What do children do with the content that they get online?

They put what they see in practice. If they watch pornography, then they can engage in premarital sex with their peers, a reason why there is a high spread of sexually transmitted diseases as well as early pregnancy among young people. If children engage with LGBTQI, then we lose them to various cancers. Are we not committing murder indirectly by not protecting our children online.?

Do the majority of parents know about parental controls?

I published a video on TikTok one day and it was a relief to a parent; it exposed ways of controlling your child’s phone in order to be able to monitor their online activity. Most parents do not know that a child can safely own a phone. Google has provided ways of monitoring a child’s phone and in every smart phone there’s a feature called parental controls. This is what most parents do not know. You can not blame the parents though because not every body is made to be an IT Guru, some professions do not give parents time to learn this thing

The simple thing that parents should know

There’s no need to fear the aspect of purchasing your child a phone, so many parental control apps are coming up every day and Google Parental Controls is just one of them. The app allows you to monitor your child’s phone activity; you can regulate their screen time, and block them from using dangerous apps like pornographic apps, LGBTQI apps, and a lot more. There’s also a possibility of blocking the installation of dangerous apps, you can even be able to monitor their location

How does Aiwadikat Technologies help parents in setting up parental controls?

The company has taken the initiative to promote awareness to parents through parental control videos and offering affordable services that aid parents in monitoring the online activity of their children. Majority of parents do not know how to set these apps in their mobile devices and it is very understandable because the process of configuring an email account to set up parental controls in both devices is quite hard for a layperson.

There is a digital security website you may like that publishes articles on digital security every Tuesday; ranging from topics of anonymity, procedures of securing mobile devices and staying safe online to methods of overcoming hacking and surveillance.

Check out this video on how to set up parental controls for your child’s phone
How to monitor your child’s phone activity
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