How to register a company in Uganda


Organizations love service providers with documentation because they are always assured on the direction their money takes. If you are having a business deal with an organization like Save the Children or UNHCR, the requirement is always to have a company and a trading license plus evidence of payment of tax. Registering a company will help you achieve all the documentation I have mentioned. You can get the incorporation certificate, the memorandum of understanding/ memorandum of articles of association, and company form 20 which talks about the directors. In order to register a company in Uganda, you must have all the requirements needed. The most fundamental requirement is a National Identity Card. If you have lost the Card, then you must have a NIN and a police letter

Organizations that acquire services from companies

What I have given above is not the full list, those are just samples. If you to acquire profits through partnerships with big organizations, then registering a company should be an idea you should put into consideration

How then can you register a company in Uganda?

There are four ways through which you can register a company in Uganda. First through the online system, and the second through filling out forms and submitting to URSB for registration, another way is by employing the services of a lawyer, and then the last one is by using a company that offers company registration services

A picture of a company

Online Company Registration in Uganda

Uganda Registration Service Bureau has made it easy to register a company anywhere, Through their online company registration system, you can fill the forms online and at the end download the forms, print them for signing and submit them. This format is convenient if you are familiar with the terms of company registration. If you do not have any familiarity with online registration, it is often better to use a third party or a lawyer.

Steps for registering a company online in Uganda

1.Create an account in the URSB System using your Email and phone number for confirmation

2. Fill in your personal details like NIN

3. In the URSB dashboard, select Reserve a name and fill in the appropriate details; including the type of entity you want to reserve which could be a business name, building society, or company. Select a company and then enter the business name. Before suggesting a business name, you should find out if there is already a company with such a name by clicking “name check” on the left corner of your screen. If there is already a company with such a name, then opt for another one. Select the type of company you want to register

4. Pay for the business name in the next steps either using mobile money or a visa card or through the counter in bank and then wait for confirmation. The fees for the business name are always 30,000ugx. If the business name is similar to that of another company, the registrar will query it and you must defend your name or give another option.

5. When your name is approved, click on the application, and under the company name that was approved, click on the link register and then fill in the forms in every step. If you have filled in the details correctly, you will download the filled-in forms, and give respective parties like directors, secretaries, and shareholders to fill in their details. Upload each of the forms, pay the company registration fees

6. Wait for the registrar to pick up your application and follow the prompts. If your application has no errors, it will be approved

Registering a company using paper forms.

URSB has downloadable forms which can be filled and submitted in to URSB for filling in. This process is usually long because the registrar has to enter your details into the online database and then approve

Registering a company using a Lawyer

This process is good if you have enough money to pay the lawyer for registering the company. It has a similarity with the method of registering a company using paper forms. Your work will be to hand in your documents to the lawyer and he processes your information. The lawyer will ask you for your national ID and as well the national IDs of the other parties involved like secretaries, directors etc. This method is good because it includes legal services as well especially in situations where the company being registered is purchasing another company; the lawyer helps in creating and amending the resolution

Registering a company using another company that offers company registration services

In the past, registering a company meant using paper-based forms or lawyers. Although those methods still exist, using a third party to register your company is much better. These companies carry on the load of company registration and they use the online system. They are very familiar with the system which makes the company registration even faster. An example of this company is Aiwadikat Technologies. With just 700,000ugx, you can have a company registered even without your physical presence. The company will after the registration assemble your documents and even set for you a company account

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